Ellindor, resto druid

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Ellindor, resto druid

Post  Ellindor on Thu Jun 12, 2008 12:17 am

Hello Smile
Name: Peter
Age: 16
Occupation: student
Country: Denmark (yes its the country with the cartoon)
Raid days: At the moment i can raid all days.. except Wednesday

Character info:
Name: Ellindor
Race: Night Elf
Trade skills: Leatherworking 372 / Enchanting 286
Talents: 5/0/56
Gear: Well my gear is a combination of pve-gear, pvp-gear and some crap. At the moment i am running kara to get better pve-gear. I have 1746+ healing and 9.2k mana and 425 mana reg while not casting - all this is ub
Armory link: … n=Ellindor

Bonus information about me and Ellindor

The long story(the short facts is above)
I started to play wow a year ago or so. It was with friends from real life and we had great fun in the low level instances (deadmines is soooo fun) But only too of us made it to level 70 we joined the guild squirrel squad and here i had my first raid ever (it was kara) When i began to study i took a break from wow because i thought i would be hard... well i was wrong so near Christmas i started again and this time me and my old body was going PVP.. It was great fun but i missed the teamwork with more players and the great feeling when a boss went down. Squirrel squad was nearly gone - only a few level 70 was left so i joined the guild i am in now "My mom don´t let me play" unfortunately they raid a little too early so i have to find a new guild. Then i talked to Hexagon and he told me about you wep side Razz

Shot facts:
Started 1 year ago.
Raided, kara grull and za
Ellindor is my only level 70 char.

I want to join the guild cause i want to do progress in pve - but i don´t want to play all the time Smile and you seems to be a nice a relaxed guild. Its also important to me that i know the people i raid with cause then everyhing will be mucht easyer Very Happy

if you have any questions the give me a wisper ingame Smile


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Re: Ellindor, resto druid

Post  Dániac on Fri Jun 13, 2008 1:32 pm

accepted <.< your healign + sure is impressive Razz and your application sounds quite mature ^^

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