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Holypaladin apply

Post  Kalamiez on Thu Jun 05, 2008 1:39 pm

About you
Ingame nickname:Kalamiez
Server: Stormreaver
Nationality: Finnish
age: 17
Location: Porvoo
How long have you been playing WoWarcraft?: 4 months
What made you choose your class?: This class seemed nice.

About WoW
Current guild(if any): none
Previous guild(s): Omg lazers pew pew pew
Reason for leaving: Didint have spots for raids
Total play time: Unknown ( doing this at work, ill reply it later)
Character class: Paladin
Character race: Human
Character title: Kalamiez
Mentionable alt(s): none
Profession(1): xxx/375 Herblore 375/375
Profession(2) xxx/375 Alchemy 375/375
Main talenspec: When raids i will use holy, but usually im retri
Offspec: Retribution
Armory link to character: Armory doesnt work atm.

Internet Connection: 1M/512
Previous raid experience: Karazhan
Mods/add-ons: DBM, Omen and atlasloot ^^
Microphone(optional):Yep i have.

Why are you applying to Blackout?: Well Dániac wanted me to come and im looking for a good kara guild Wink And i have other friends here.
What do you expect to gain out of it?: Raid experience and gear ofc. Maybe some friends too.
What can you offer us?: One more healer to ur raids and a active player.
Do you know any in Blackout?: Dániac, Stehgen and Lurzi (if he gets in)


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