Resto druid wanna join!!!

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Resto druid wanna join!!!

Post  Nemzo on Thu Jul 31, 2008 2:33 pm

Hello, my IRL name is Jeffrey, im 16 years old and live in the Netherlands. I would like to join the guild Blackout with my resto druid named Nemzo. He has 1800 healing+ with tree of life on. I'm a very serieus player with good experience.

Ingame nickname: Nemzo
Server: Stormreaver
Nationality: Dutch
age: 16
How long have you been playing WoWarcraft?: For 2 years now.
What made you choose your class?: I like healing.

About WoW
Current guild(if any): I dont have a guild atm.
Previous guild(s): OMG lazers pew pew pew, Pro Fo Sho, Frozen Faith.
Reason for leaving: Frozen Faith disbanned..
Total play time: 18 days.
Character class: Night Elf
Character race: Druid
Character title: Nemzo
Mentionable alt(s): Souldrainer
Profession(1): Skinning/375
Profession(2) Leatherworking/343
Main talenspec: Restoration
Offspec: Balance
Armory link to character:

Internet Connection: It's okay, i have 11,0 Mbps and normaly around 40-75 FPS.
Previous raid experience: Karazhan - Full, Gruul - Full, Zull'Aman - boss 1,2,3 and TK the Eye - Voidreaver, Magtheridon's Lair - Done
Mods/add-ons: I have the needed addons to raid, like Omen, Atlas, Deadly Boss Mod.
Microphone(optional): I have this Smile

Why are you applying to Blackout?: I wanna gear up, and having fun with raiding together, I like teamwork and wanna reach the top of the mountain with gear.
What do you expect to gain out of it?: I quess I get allot of new gear and I'm having a good time with you.
What can you offer us?: A really nice healer for almost all raids.
Do you know any in Blackout?:Annamie, Jürgenn and Naabi

I look foreward to raid with you.


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