resto shaman application

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resto shaman application

Post  amu2 on Sun Jul 20, 2008 3:47 am

About you
Ingame nickname:amu
Server:stormreaver (eu)
How long have you been playing WoWarcraft?:~2years
What made you choose your class?:windfury

About WoW
Current guild(if any):-
Previous guild(s):keepers of sauna->alternative sentinels->scandinavian drunks
Reason for leaving:wanted to advance in raiding
Total play time:23d
Character class:shaman
Character race:draenei
Character title:-
Mentionable alt(s):
Profession(1): 380/375 jc
Profession(2): 375/375 mining
Main talenspec:resto
Armory link to character:

Internet Connection:100.0Mbps(?)
Previous raid experience:karazhan, gruul, magtheridon, some tk/mh
Mods/add-ons:omen, dbm, sct, prat,...
Microphone(optional):yes but shy<3

Why are you applying to Blackout?:i was asked to join, also...
What do you expect to gain out of it?:... endgame raiding seems more interesting now..Smile
What can you offer us?:a resto shaman that doesnt logout after few wipes
Do you know any in Blackout?:kuonokoppa(+the others i wiped with at magtheridon for few hours)


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Post  Dániac on Sun Jul 20, 2008 4:01 am

all of your stats looks quite nice, + i was there on the faggtheridon <.< and you did great Razz

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