70 warlock that wants to join <Accepted>

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70 warlock that wants to join <Accepted>

Post  Titchell on Tue Jul 15, 2008 2:29 am

About you
Ingame nickname:Titchello
Server: Stormreaver
Nationality: English
age: 15
Location: England
How long have you been playing WoWarcraft?: 1 year
What made you choose your class?: because i have all way like warlocks

About WoW
Current guild(if any): nope not in one
Previous guild(s): crual laulty
Reason for leaving: it get disbanded
Character class: Warlock
Character race: Gnome
Character title: Titchello
Mentionable alt(s): Druid and Rouge
Profession(1): 375/375 tailoring
Profession(2) 185/375 enchanting
Main talenspec: destro
Offspec: demo

Previous raid experience:kara, gruul and maggy
Mods/add-ons: Deadly Boss Mod grp calendar and omen

Why are you applying to Blackout?:because my friends said it is a good raid guild
What do you expect to gain out of it?: raid experiance
What can you offer us?: a good Warlock 951 spell dmg and 151 hit
Do you know any in Blackout?:no sorry but i perpaird to make friends


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Re: 70 warlock that wants to join <Accepted>

Post  Naabi on Tue Jul 15, 2008 2:30 am

yes definetly in... well atleast i accept, but i dont think dán would say anything else Wink .

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